Was that a question?

We are getting down to the wire.  I need to get my stripes if I am going to graduate to my next belt on the 17th.  I can’t believe I just wrote that.  When I started this I was not even sure I was going to be able to keep up, let alone even dream about graduating to a new belt.  But I am! So I had to get to class tonight.  Little Bear had a sleep over to go to and Bear needed to get to Open Floor to make up classes that he missed with this nasty bug that is going around.  I tried to explain to him today about timing, but he his brain is not functioning and he did not realize that if I took her I would not be able to make either open floor OR my regular class.  I got there 15 minutes into the class.  I sat down in the parents’ area and watched as Baby Bear did her stuff. She just missed getting her second stripe – she was SO close.  Mrs. M looked over and asked why I was not out there on the floor.  I just told her I was too late to interrupt the class.  She said she wanted me out on the floor after class.  Oh boy – that means me alone with no one else out there and a bunch of onlookers standing around.  Not my favorite place to be.

The class bowed out and I went out onto the floor.  She wanted to see my form.  I did all the moves, and I did them pretty well, but I was less than powerful.  Wimpy is a word that comes to mind.  And the 2 knife-hand strikes that are to be accompanied by Kihaps?  Well, her first question to me after I completed the form was “Were you asking a question with your Kihap?”  OK, so she had a point.  I need to dig deep inside and find some power and self-confidence and transmit it with my moves and with my Kihap.

But I got my first stripe!