This little blog started out to be just a journal to keep me accountable as I worked on getting in better shape for the 10 year anniversary of the oldest’s cubs adoption.   I am now finding that it is evolving into something more…something that is reaching deeper into myself and pulling out things that I never thought I would share in this type of forum.  I am finding that I am gaining courage to express myself without thought to how it is going to be received.  I am not worried about trying to impress people.  It is a liberating type of feeling…but sort of scary at times as well.  So far the feedback has been less, but it has been supportive.  So I am adding some “pages” to the blog to address portions of my life.

One is a page of quotes that I find that make my spirit sigh.  Another is a review of what I am reading or have just finished. Some of it serves a purpose in my life, most of it is strictly for enjoyment.  So you will see a lot of titles come up.  A note,  almost all of them I have obtained through the free lists for my Kindle.

That is all for tonight.  I am going to try to get to bed before midnight and resume recording my wandering thoughts tomorrow.  I will leave you with 2 of the quotes that I just put over on the Spirit page..

“If I call one of you, it is for a reason, maybe even the dearest of reasons; just that I want to see you!  And when God calls us, it is for a reason, particularly in that dearest and final call, which will be made because he just wants to see us.  We can help one another remember, by our manner of living, that God has always the same elemental reason for each of his calls, whether in life or in death; that we may come to him.”   (Mother Mary Francis, PCC)

Whoever “glorifies the Lord” by teaching the commandments is the greatest in the kingdom.  Why?  “Every teaching of the divine commandments greatly emphasizes that honest love may overcome a perverse love, and the delight in justice may destroy the desire for sin” (St. Leo the Great)