Out of synch

Last week was filled with preparations for graduation.   For me, that was more of a mental exercise than a physical one.  I went over my form multiple times, but I did not go over it in a fashion that created heavy breathing and copious amounts of sweat.  Fast forward to today’s class.  Mrs M said we were going to have some fun.  Yeah, right.  First was the mental exertion of trying to learn something new.  Next, because I don’t have an in-shape body yet, I de-conditioned really fast.  Last, there is the whole coordination thing.  Once upon a time I was a decent dancer – nothing to write home about, but I usually did not fall on stage or cause anyone else to fall, either.  Well, tonight we were to use this new combination of moves on the Wavemasters.

This is not a small piece of equipment.  Fully extended it stands well above my head.  It is as big around or bigger than I am.  The first time I did the combination, I managed to make contact with the bag with my 2 punches, but totally missed the bag with my kick. It was not pretty.   By the end of class I was making contact with all , but I sincerely doubt that any adversary that I come up against has much to fear from me.  The final thing to do in the class was to “practice” on a live human.  We were to do it slowly and not make contact (not that my partner had to work to hard to avoid anything that I did).  The great part was that I finally understood what body parts I was aiming for and what the purpose of each punch and block was.  The final move is to do a double step back up and yell.  I looked at my partner for the class – a black belt who is in the Army – and told him I would not be standing around yelling at someone who was trying to hit me.  Mr. C grinned at me and said “You are from the Kick ‘Em in the N@%ts and Run School, arent’ you?” My response – “Whatever gets the job done, sir!”