Thankful for educational freedom (day 6)

I am thankful that our country allows us the freedom to educate our kiddos the way we want them educated.  We have utilized the public school system in a brick and mortar school for several years.  Our particular school was amazing for many of them.  When the needs of our children changed, we looked at the options available and chose to homeschool, but using a “virtual school”.  It has been wonderful for our family.  If that had not worked, we would have also had the option of the Catholic Schools in our city.  I am so thankful that we have options to meet the needs of our children.


Thankful for Answered Prayers (day 5)

Today I had 2 people I know head to surgery.  Both of them received excellent news.   These two people have been in my prayers for a long, long time.  Another answered prayer is that my mother “graduated” from PT today!  She is so excited to head home and resume her normal life.  I am sure the lack of chaos in her house versus the hourly chaos on mine was one motivating factor!  There are a lot of other prayers which have been answered this year.  No, than answers have not always been what I wanted the answer to be, but they were answered never the less.  I am thankful that even though those particular prayers were answered with a “no”, God did give me peace and even allowed me to see the good that resulted.  

Day 3 – slower, but still moving

Did another 1.9 miles today.  This time I did it in 27 min and 33 sec.  I am SORE today.  My feet hurt from walking down the hill on Sunday.  My hips were really tightening up by the time I was midway through the second cul-de-sac.  By the time I got home the pain had encompassed not only my hips by my lower back.  I am assuming I was changing my gait to accommodate the hip discomfort.  Tomorrow’s scheduled walk is only 15 minutes.  I may shorten my walk to only the entrance of the neighborhood, around my cul-de-sac and back to my house and spend quite awhile doing nothing but stretching to get my hip loosened back up.  

I was doing a pretty good job of talking myself out of going on my walk when Papa Bear came downstairs and asked if I wanted to go on a walk with him.  The Cubs were playing with various kids throughout the neighborhood.  How can I turn down a walk with the love of my life – not only a walk with him, but ALONE with him!  So I got another couple of miles on my shoes, the blood moving, the fresh air deep in my lungs.  

Starting over

OK, the weather, life and the cosmos in general interfered in my walking….all within the first 48 hours!

So yesterday, since I spent 30 minutes walking up that mongo hill down south, I decided that I was going to start again.  The program starts on Sundays, so I counted my slow but steady ascent up that mountain



steep hill as my first day.

Today, in spite of all the errands I ran and visiting I did, and my mom coming back so she can make her PT appointment tomorrow, and the need to take Baby Bear to ballet, I got out and walked 1.9 miles in…..

24 minutes!!!!!!!!

I will admit that Baby Bear conned me into riding the bike (with her on the back and the seat way too low so that I was REALLY working my thighs) about 1/2 way down one of the cul-de-sacs.  But regardless, I was moving for the full 24 minutes.

Next major purchase….a new set of shoes!


Thankful for … family (day 4)

Today I am thankful for the return of my “little brother” from basic training.  He actually returned on Friday, but today was the first time that I got to see him.  While he has been gone, his new wife and I have been able to get to know each other better.  Today we spent about an hour talking and joking and reconnecting.  I am so thankful for people in my life, that though we do not share genetics, accept me as their sister and love me with all my flaws.

Thank for…colors and hills (day 3)

Never will you here me be grateful for hills, especially if I have to traverse them on foot!  But today I did traverse an enormous one on foot and I am grateful for it.  A group of men and women from my church went down to the southern part of my state to visit a farm and chapel for some fellowship and prayer.  As we walked up the hill and paused at each statue representing the various Stations of the Cross I took time each time we stopped to appreciate and praise God for the amazing display of color, interrupted by the green patches of pastureland that dotted the hillsides.  I am amazed how each state, even though we share the same tree species, has its own color displays each fall.  And, with the stretching and tightening of muscles on that hill, in the cool fall air, surrounded by people who share the same faith that I do…I was inspired to once again start to walk.