Re-introduction to movement

Saturday I was re-introduced to movement.

Our TKD studio had a free workshop about movement and health.  It was a 2.5 hour workshop.  First, you must understand how much this TKD group has become a family, because only love for a family would draw me out in wind gusts up to 30 miles an hour and near white out conditions.  But out I went and move I did.

It started out with some yoga.  I am new to the world of yoga.  It is something that I have never fully investigated or had a place where I could take a class.  I have tried it on video and decided that I would only do it if no one else was home.  The cubs would have a hey day laughing at my chubby body contorting into those positions.  Imagine my discomfort when I realized that I was going to assume some of these poses in public!  So I tucked myself into a corner and got into the task of twisting myself into a mis-shaped pretzel who was unable to balance on one foot for longer than .3 seconds.

Next came an introduction to X-Fit.  This is a cross between punching at invisible people, kicking at them and then running from them in place in time to music in a particular order under the leadership of your instructor.  So far have you noticed that this could be a recipe for disaster for my uncoordinated, already out of breath from simple stretching in the yoga, self?  Well, other than being about 2 beats behind and doing things mostly backwards I actually held out pretty well.  I made everything as low as I could make it so I didn’t ratchet up my heart rate too much, but I kept up.  At least I did not crash into my neighbor who was doing a much better job of staying up with things than I was!

The day proceeded to core strengthening.  The instructor shows us some very valuable abdominal exercises that I can actually do and not feel like old surgical sites are tearing, or irritate my GERD.  The instructor was terrific except he forgot to tell us the breathing we are supposed to do, so for a lot of it I was turning blue.  Once I got the breathing down, though,  those exercises were amazingly effective.

The last part of the day was the final section of X-Fit.  We punched on  bags and then moved to the floor.  I did the bag work, but I passed on the floor work as my abs were already screaming with delight that they had been found again.

The final segment of the day was a cool down, a much shorter and faster yoga session.  I was able to do most of this as well.  Some of the moves were simply no possible for me to do with the extra mega weight around my middle, but I gave it the good old college try.   I wandered around the studio for a few minutes to make sure my rubbery lets would carry me out to the car, fell into it, and proceeded to drive home through mostly clear streets, though I ran into a few major drifts and a couple of white outs where the road went between fields.

It was fantastic to spend time with my “extended family” and share stories between panted breaths.

It was good to re-engage my long neglected muscles.

I really enjoyed feeling my blood surging through my body.

I went to bed feeling tone in my muscles.

Then I woke up…..

I will leave the amount of pain that coursed through my  body for the next 48 hours up to you imagination.

But even with pain in my legs (have yet to figure out why my hamstrings were so tight) and the tightness in my shoulders (hate that my shoulder has never regained full strength from surgery, even with PT and continued exercise), I hand mixed 2 loaves of bread and then kneaded the dough for 10 minutes on Sunday.  On Monday I got up and walked through the grocery with Baby Cub and lifted and toted the bags.   Tuesday is my day of nothing.  Then tomorrow I will drag out the exercise videos, close the blinds, make sure the Cubs are safely tucked in the office doing their school work and then once again partake in foolish looking exercises in my living room and continue what I started on Saturday!


Here we go again…

We are now half way through January and there have been only a handful of days that have been pleasant enough to stick my nose out the door, let alone walk.  The result…I ain’t moving much.  Add to that a lovely case of Whooping Cough there are moments I feel like I am doing good to breathe.  That being said, those are just excuses.  I have not been active and that is my fault.  It is a mind set I need to get through.  I have been making hugs strides in my emotional well-being.  Now I need to keep that trend going by progressing in my physical well-being. 

That being said, here are some action steps I have taken….

1) I have joined the Presidential Fitness Challenge Group setup by the TKD school. 

2) I have set my first nutritional goal (drink more water instead of sugary drinks)

3) I am making the public statement that I am going to move continuously for 15 minutes today.  Tomorrow I am going to increase that to 20 (i have to bake some bread and my mixer is not working so I am going to be hand kneading – trust me that is a workout).  We will see how sore I am from that and move forward from there…..

I have my glass of water in front of me (I am on my 2nd 32oz glass).

I have no sodas in the house (sob)

I have only had one cup of slightly sweetened coffee today 

One Word

One Word

This year I put a lot of thought into what I want to do in 2014.

I do have some fitness goals, though I have not sat down and really determined how I am going to meet them….that will be in a future post.

I did think about what I want to do with this year on my other blog.  Please come on over and tell me what you think!

Thankful for Pinterest (day 8)

This may sound like a really weird to be thankful for, but it has saved me a lot of money, and allowed me to enjoy crafting and cooking things for my family that I would never have tried otherwise. While my grocery bill has increased, our eating out has decreased and our time together in the kitchen and around the table has increased.  The Cubs are learning how to plan and prepare meals.  I am getting patterns for things that I love to do like knit and crochet.  I have come up with fun crafts for us to do.

So while it may be something that is not a traditional thankful topic, it has really enriched our family.

Thankful for a partnership (Day 7)

Today I am thankful that I have a husband with whom I can sit down and discuss and work through issues.  We have had a really rough week.  Tonight we sat down together and discussed what had been bothering us and how to fix it in the future.  While any discussion about emotional issues can be stressful, we were able to work things through peacefully and come through it even stronger.  I am so thankful for the man that God gave me for my husband.

Thankful for educational freedom (day 6)

I am thankful that our country allows us the freedom to educate our kiddos the way we want them educated.  We have utilized the public school system in a brick and mortar school for several years.  Our particular school was amazing for many of them.  When the needs of our children changed, we looked at the options available and chose to homeschool, but using a “virtual school”.  It has been wonderful for our family.  If that had not worked, we would have also had the option of the Catholic Schools in our city.  I am so thankful that we have options to meet the needs of our children.

Thankful for Answered Prayers (day 5)

Today I had 2 people I know head to surgery.  Both of them received excellent news.   These two people have been in my prayers for a long, long time.  Another answered prayer is that my mother “graduated” from PT today!  She is so excited to head home and resume her normal life.  I am sure the lack of chaos in her house versus the hourly chaos on mine was one motivating factor!  There are a lot of other prayers which have been answered this year.  No, than answers have not always been what I wanted the answer to be, but they were answered never the less.  I am thankful that even though those particular prayers were answered with a “no”, God did give me peace and even allowed me to see the good that resulted.