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Here we go again…

We are now half way through January and there have been only a handful of days that have been pleasant enough to stick my nose out the door, let alone walk.  The result…I ain’t moving much.  Add to that a lovely case of Whooping Cough there are moments I feel like I am doing good to breathe.  That being said, those are just excuses.  I have not been active and that is my fault.  It is a mind set I need to get through.  I have been making hugs strides in my emotional well-being.  Now I need to keep that trend going by progressing in my physical well-being. 

That being said, here are some action steps I have taken….

1) I have joined the Presidential Fitness Challenge Group setup by the TKD school. 

2) I have set my first nutritional goal (drink more water instead of sugary drinks)

3) I am making the public statement that I am going to move continuously for 15 minutes today.  Tomorrow I am going to increase that to 20 (i have to bake some bread and my mixer is not working so I am going to be hand kneading – trust me that is a workout).  We will see how sore I am from that and move forward from there…..

I have my glass of water in front of me (I am on my 2nd 32oz glass).

I have no sodas in the house (sob)

I have only had one cup of slightly sweetened coffee today 


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