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Starting over

OK, the weather, life and the cosmos in general interfered in my walking….all within the first 48 hours!

So yesterday, since I spent 30 minutes walking up that mongo hill down south, I decided that I was going to start again.  The program starts on Sundays, so I counted my slow but steady ascent up that mountain



steep hill as my first day.

Today, in spite of all the errands I ran and visiting I did, and my mom coming back so she can make her PT appointment tomorrow, and the need to take Baby Bear to ballet, I got out and walked 1.9 miles in…..

24 minutes!!!!!!!!

I will admit that Baby Bear conned me into riding the bike (with her on the back and the seat way too low so that I was REALLY working my thighs) about 1/2 way down one of the cul-de-sacs.  But regardless, I was moving for the full 24 minutes.

Next major purchase….a new set of shoes!



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