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Let’s get moving again!

OK, it is time to get moving again.

I have been struggling lately with a lot of issues. Some of them are emotional. Some of them are physical.  Many of them cross over.

I am still trying to “get over” the loss of my dad. When I slide down into that dark place of mine I tend to pull into myself and don’t want to even open the blinds, let alone move around outside the house. During these times I understand the commercials regarding depression and physical pain. There is increased joint pain and muscle pain. There are increased headaches.  I don’t understand the biology of the whole thing, but I do understand that there is a definite correlation.

Another part is that my body went through some trauma at the end o 2012.  My medication had to be re calibrated for my heart rate so I could do more than walk across the room with out getting short of breath.  I also had a kidney stone storm that required surgical intervention.  Neither of those things do I want to do again!  I finally got back to TKD only to find out that I had developed bursitis in my hip.  I tried all sorts of things from stretching, to modifying my technique to getting a steroid shot into the bursa.  That is not a bad experience, just something that I would prefer not to go through again.  I limped along this summer, missing more classes than attending due to the pain.  Late this summer my ‘Ittle Bear decided that she wanted to run cross-country.  I started schlepping her to practices.  Then baby bear decided she wanted to try out ballet, and that added to my taxi service hours.  Subsequently my attendance at TKD became non-existent.  Fast forward to this fall when my hometown sponsors a 5K run/walk for cancer.  When it was time to register I realized that I was not even remotely ready to do it.  I had to admit that I had really let myself down.  I had fully intended to form a team and walk it in honor of my father.  Add another dose of guilt.  ARGH!!!!!!

Well, now it is time to start training.  Now is the time to get my inspiration back.  We are headed into the bleak months of winter, and I know that my motivation will wane during that time.  So I need to get into a routine NOW.  I need to take advantage of the cool, pretty days of fall to get my body hooked on exercise again before the dark and cold days of our winter set in.

I need to start with something that does not require my hip-joint to bend to any extremes.  So I have chosen to walk – easy on all my joints, gets me out in the fresh if slightly chilly air, and is weight-bearing so it is good for my bone health.  I am going to start with this program from The Walking Site.  Since right now everything in my being is encouraging me to stay in my nice warm house on my nice comfy chair, I am going to actually set my goal for the first week as 1/2 of what is called for in the program.  It is a mind game that I play with myself.  If I set my goal fairly low in the beginning, I am really proud of myself when I exceed it.  I know, I’m a dork.  The cubs are very good at telling me that!  I am going to keep track of my exercise via the Presidential Fitness website.  Then as I earn “medals” on that website I will reward myself with items like I did whenever I belted up – a piece of nice but not expensive jewelry, a new outfits, etc.  Today I will start walking.  This is the time when I will do the 1/2 thing.  Then on Sunday I will start the program full force!


I will accept all the cheering I can get!!!!!!!



2 thoughts on “Let’s get moving again!

  1. Walking only 20-30 minutes a day can gives you MANY wonderful physical and emotional benefits. Good for you! It all starts with a single step, and I know you can do it!

    It’s been a very rough year for you and your family and I continue to keep you in my prayers! It’s okay that you didn’t have the strength/energy to organize a walk for your dad this year. There’s always next year! He’ll be honored by his daughter no matter what year you choose to do the HOC 5k because your love for him is so strong!

    It’s amazing how our bodies manifest emotional pain and turn it into physical aches and pain. Take care of yourself! We love you! 🙂

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