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OK – I have been going round and round about posting this.

Recently I have had conversations about political correctness, about not telling someone else what they should believe, etc.  Well, I guess I am not politically correct, and in the case of human rights I need to stand up for what I believe.  So, if at some point I step on your toes, I apologize, but I am going to start speaking out a bit more on the things that I believe.

Here is one topic:

There are several things that I have noticed about the abortion debate 
1) an unborn child can be killed by the mother legally, yet if someone else kills the child (as in they shoot the mother and the child dies) the shooter can be charged with murder in some places – this is a double standard. Is it only a baby when it is wanted? If that is the case, then why stop at the unborn? Why not say that since I no longer want my 11-year-old child I can kill her? 
2) regarding abortion on demand – when do we start to require people to take responsibility for their actions? Personal accountability seems to be a thing of the past. It is a trend that I am seeing in my children‘s classmates and seems to have moved right up into adulthood. You did the act of intercourse, you knew full well what the consequences could be and you chose to engage anyway. 
3) Since when do my rights trump those of someone else? Regardless if we like it our not, a woman’s body was designed to carry children. It is just a fact of biology. As a result, this puts woman in a unique position – we HAVE to consider our responsibilities of that biology. We may not like it, we may not want to accept that responsibility, but it is a fact of life. Once pregnant, a woman is responsible for not only her own life, but also that of the life she is carrying. My “rights” are not he only ones once another human has been created within me. We have turned into a society of personal rights and have totally forgotten the rights of society and moral ethics. There was a time when people would take into account ethics when it came to “rights” . It appears that personal rights have morphed into personal luxury, and that is not something that I can agree with at all. Rights, to me, deal with survival and human dignity. It does not include lack of morals, abdication of personal responsibility, and a self-centered existence. To have personal rights we have to engaged in making society better and looking out for each other. Our sole goal of existence cannot be self-gratification. And trying to make society better means looking out for those most vulnerable in our communities – the unborn, the weak, the elderly.


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