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Friday Fun

The end of the week is here!  Only a few more hours and it will be the weekend and time for some family fun.  The Cubs are extremely active and are always asking for things to do.  But last week the Cubs asked if we could just have a day where we stayed in our PJs, watched TV and played games.  After the last couple of weeks I thought that was a good idea.  So that is what we did last Saturday.  We had a movie marathon, we played some cards, the Cubs did some drawing and played on the computer a bit,  and we took naps.  It was wonderful.  As we approach the weekend the Cubs are once again asking what we are going to do.  Since we have some plans that are not all that fun for them I have been brainstorming what to do during the small amount of time we have to spend as a family that is free of obligations.  One thing they love to do is get outside.  They love to ride bikes, to play on the play set, and to just spend time looking at things around them.  The Cubs have been exposed to such riveting activities as looking for things in the clouds like animals and other shape.  They also love to find pieces of nature – a bird’s nest, a bug husk, or anything else that most of their friends would think are gross.  You see, Papa Bear and I  firmly believe that Cubs should learn to use their imagination, to explore, and to just be kids.  Unfortunately the weather this weekend is not going to cooperate with their desire to explore the great outdoors – I would prefer the Cubs not donate digits to frostbite.  So I am on the hunt for some new activities for them to do indoors.  It looks like I am going to be hitting up Pinterest to find a new craft, and we will pull out some favorite games.  Other than that, my Friday Fun is going to consist of once again basking in the company of my family and cherishing these moments when the Cubs actually want to spend time with us.


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