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This is a deviation from my normally scheduled posts.

I found this link on Facebook.  I think the post is very important.

It is something that Papa Bear struggles with regarding his phone, and one I struggle with regarding the computer.

The Cubs have no problem telling me it is time to get off the computer and spend time with them, so evidently I did manage to pass on to them that they deserve my full attention and that the attention is definitely a form of love.   Part of this is because I never had a smart phone until Christmas of 2011.  The other reason is that they have heard me harp on Papa Bear to put down his phone at dinner, especially when we dine out.  But I am really bad about staying up to late doing things like digital scrapbooking, checking e-mail, writing blog posts, etc. and then being way too tired the next day.  I have also been know to get cranky when my “creative flow” is interrupted.

I will say that I do believe there is a point in a child’s life when they need to be able to entertain themselves as well as being able to recognize that mom and dad do have commitments.  But young children are not able to make those distinctions.  I look back and realize that I did miss more than a few things.  I was so caught up trying to create memory books for them that I forgot to make the memories!  So I have been working, even before reading this post, at finding my center point and balance.  I know the Cubs appreciate it, they have told me so.  And now, instead of having 30o pictures of an event, I have 3-4 that capture the essence of the time and fill in the blanks with word pictures that portray the truly important things – emotions, particularly pride in my children and love.

What do you struggle with when it comes to finding a balance between doing your “adult” stuff and showing your children that they are important and loved?  I challenge all 4 of you readers out there to identify at least 1 thing that distracts you from your family and come up with a way to either get rid of the distraction or at least find a healthy balance.  I would love to hear about it!



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