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Learning how to walk the walk

Part of my spiritual growth is learning how to actually live my faith and not just talk it.  One way to do this is to actually learn about and absorb the knowledge in the resources available to me.  By taking these deep into myself and internalizing the lessons the practice of it become second nature – like muscle memory in TKD, it is spiritual memory for my life.   The Pope, the leader of my Church, has declared this year to be the year of Faith, a year where we really analyze what we believe and embrace it.   Papa Bear and I are facilitating a study at our church regarding this, using a terrific workbook

I should say we started facilitating this study, but with the issues in my family the group we were studying with picked up and continued when we could not be there.  We are really looking forward to studying with them again this Sunday.  We have really missed our time with them.   This study delves into no just what we believe as Catholic Christians, but also WHY.

A personal study I have started recently is a study of the Gospel of Luke.  I started it before I realized that this year is the cycle in our church when we read from the Gospel of Luke.   Don’t ask me how I found this study, because I honestly don’t remember.  But I, as someone who loves to write and journal, was drawn to the journaling part of this study.   It is put together by The Good Morning Girls.  I won’t bore you with all the details, as their website does a great job of explaining everything.  I am not part of a group, mainly because I was not able to start when they did, and I was not sure how much I was going to be able to keep up once I did start.  It is not like I haven’t heard the Gospel of Luke my entire life, but taking it slowly, making the words mine, reading my Bible Commentary and learning the history and meaning behind the layers of the stories has really enhanced my experience.    I have found great comfort in learning more about who is walking beside, talking with, and showing my father new wood working techniques, and knowing that He is waiting to do the same with  me.



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