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My Word of the Year

I have gone round and round about creating New Year resolutions.   I have done them in the past, and to be honest I always pick something very lofty and never live up to it.   This year I have decided instead to choose a verb that fits where I want my life to be at the end of the year.   Looking back at my journey to get healthy I have found a theme of setting priorities and distilling life down to something that conforms to my values.   So I have chosen the verb  “simplify” as my word of the year.  The picture below is a current picture of my desk.  It reflects my life is so many ways (and no I don’t mean because it has a roll of toilet paper on it).  It is overwhelmingly crowded to the point that I can’t figure out what is important and what is not.   There is such a jumble of junk on it that finding what I “need” is so difficult that I often want to pick up my laptop and escape to the other room, when in reality, if I would just clear my desk I have this gorgeous, huge monitor that makes my work much easier and much less stressful.   Wow – way to much symbolism in this picture the more that I look at it!  I think I need to clean off my desk quickly so that I don’t get bogged down looking for meaning in a picture!!!!!!!



The kit I used for the layout is Love My Life- The Basics by Rumki

The word art is by Chunlin Designs.


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