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Black Belt Bear Cub

Tonight was the culmination of what Little Bear has been working towards for the last 2.5 years.  All the hard work, the determination, the whining,  the schedule juggling,  the service projects, the sacrifice……it was all paid in full tonight.  Tonight my oldest Cub was awarded her 1st Degree Black Belt.

Our instructors do a fantastic job of making it a very special, very symbolic and reverent ceremony.   During the ceremony they explain how the new black belts are now leaders – that their role is that of a servant leader.  They need to give of themselves to help others succeed.  They also explained that the 1st degree black belt is not the end goal, it is only the end of the beginning.  Now is the time to perfect and hone skills, both physical and mental.   I will be honest, I sat there with tears running down my face as Little Bear stood up and faced us, removed her red/black belt and had the new black belt wrapped around her tiny waist.  They were tears of pride, and joy and love.  But they were also tears of pride and joy at the road that I am currently walking.   I am so proud of myself for sticking to this routine, this discipline that my body needs.  I am proud of the emotional and mental strides that I have taken to become a better mom, wife and person.   And for the first time I could envision myself  standing there, with my family circling me, as I received my black belt.  It is no longer an impossibility.  It is no longer my body holding me back.  Yes, it needs a LOT of work, but I have started the momentum going in the right direction.  The hardest part – the getting off the couch and actually moving – is behind me.   Now the goals need to stretch me even further out of my comfort zone.


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