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Reality Check

I was looking at the stats of this little blog, wondering if I had more than 4 readers and looking to stroke my own ego that someone out there was actually even interested in this blog when I found a neat little place that showed where readers were located.  I clicked on it and up came a map of the world.  Wow!  I have people outside of my country reading this?  I thought I would be doing good to find anyone outside my zip code!  Then I looked at what countries had pinged off my blog –  Indonesia, Argentina, and a few other small countries.  While I understand that these hits were probably just the pings of a blog crawler from a spammer, a simple but for me profound thought occurred.   Here I am sitting in my middle class house in one of the richest countries in the world concerned about what I would have to cut OUT of my diet and what activity I would have to INCREASE in my life to get to a healthy body composition while my blog was getting hits from countries where people are happy to even HAVE food and they would love to be able to sit down and rest during the day.   It made me ashamed at how all consuming I think my problems are when there are people who would gladly take my problems just so they could survive.

This does not change my goal of getting healthy.  It does not change the fact that I have to continue to make very real choices that are at times hard for me to make.   But it did change my outlook.  That extra helping of carbs I am craving…. instead of bemoaning the fact that I have to deny my desire, I need to be grateful that I have more than enough.  When I dread getting dressed to workout, I should be rejoicing that I have a sound body that works.  When I complain about parts of my job, I need to be thankful that I have a job that does not require me to put my life in danger for pennies.

I am still working on defining my little goals.  But now I need to change my focus from can’t to can and from dislike to grateful.


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