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Goal Check

It has been a while since I have logged on to share with you all!

I have been really concentrating on myself recently and spending a lot of very personal time with my journal, working through some emotions.  I am not sure that I have actually resolved anything, but I can tell you that as a result of journaling and doing evening devotions with my husband has resulted in improved sleep.  I will discuss those practices in a later post. But right now it is time to do a goal check.

When I started this blog it was to document my often humorous journey towards getting fit in time for a very special anniversary.   Well, that time has come.  Originally the reunion was supposed to occur at an indoor water park, but those plans fell apart, as did the “big” portion of our reunion.  I guess I should clue you in as to what kind of reunion.  This is the 10th anniversary of the oldest cub joining our family.  We had hoped to get together with 4 other families who also adopted their daughters on the same day from the same care center.  Instead of all 5 families getting together, we got together with one family.  We traveled to the Washington, D.C. area and spent a long weekend.  My parents then caught up with us and we spent 2 days finding all the spots where my father spent his time when he was stationed at Fort Myer.

So let me review what my original goals were.

1) To enjoy the journey to getting fit

2) To spend time with my family

3) To be comfortable in my swimsuit and be able to participate in activities with the kids during the reuion

So….how have I done so far?

Goal 1) I have not hated the journey.  I will be honest and say that there are still many times that I would much rather sit on the couch instead of putting on my dobok and traipsing down to the dojang.  But once I get there I DO enjoy myself and I feel better when I leave – more energized – a feeling that stays with me for a couple days after class.  Not only that, I do notice when I have not been to class routinely because my body tells me with increased aches, stiffness, and lower energy.  I have loved gaining a new family in the Pilsung group.  I enjoy the social interaction.  I am eternally grateful for the emotional support I have received from these people in the last year.  So, in my mind, goal 1 has been met.

Goal 2) This has required a paradigm shift on my part.  Family time, to me, has always been dinner at the table followed by either board games or a movie (preferably with ice cream or pop corn).  First,  2 of us are in one class while 2 of us are in another class, usually one right after the other.  Add homework, commute time to the dojang, usually things like laundry and dishes – well, that does not leave much time for dinner let alone board games or movies.  So we have committed to being at each others’ classes and spending the commute time in conversation.  Since we are working on increasing our activity movies should be more of a treat instead of the norm. Having our entire family cheering for each other and helping each other learn forms, and even sparring together, has created a lot of opportunity for family strengthening and learning how to interact positively with each other. Once again, I have met a goal.

3) Being comfortable in a swim suit, honestly, is something that I am not sure I will ever be unless I have some surgical work done.  But 1 year ago I remember feeling like my skin was so tight on my body that it felt like it would rip.  Today I am not slim, I can’t even say that I have lost that much weight.  But I have gained control over my body and my skin is feeling like it fits again.  Part two of the goal was to be able to  keep up with the kids during the reunion.  I am not an 11 year old, and I certainly don’t have their level of energy.  But I WAS able to keep up.  We walked up big hills, we got to bed late, we got up and went all day long….and I kept up.  I did not need a nap part way through the day.  I did not need to sit down at every opportunity.  I was able to be present in each moment, cherishing those once in a life time experiences which will live on in memories.  Then, when my parents met us in D.C. we walked 3 miles in one morning, slow yet steady, and I never sat down once.  I am very proud to say that I have met this goal.  All the work, all the sweat, all the sore muscles – everything was worth getting to this point in my life, knowing that I have started to relearn the tools that I need to continue to improve my health and improve the quality of my life so that I can enjoy my life with my family.


Now it is time to set new goals.  It is time to determine new challenges to meet.  It is time to look forward to life with more promise than I could even imagine this time last year.


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