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I was honored….

I got IM on Facebook earlier this week asking if I was going to “be there (at the studio) Friday”.  Ummm,  for open floor I wondered?  She clarified that the Black Belt Ceremony was going to be on Friday evening – were we going to be there?  With a personal invitation on my computer, of course that date went in my date book!

We attended Open Floor, then settled in to wait for the ceremony.   All people who had already received their Black Belts were invited to participate.  The lights were turned off and each Black Belt lit a candle off the candle in front of the lead instructor.  Each part of the ceremony and the symbolism of each part was explained.  It was a beautiful ceremony recognizing the work and dedication of the 2 new 1st degree black belts and the 1 new 2nd degree black belt.  As each person received their new belts I was so proud to have been a part of their training.  You see, as you train, those who have attained a higher belt rank act as mentors.   It is only through being mentors and helping those learning that they can become the leaders that the Black Belt signifies.  Each of those who received their belts that night have helped me through instruction, through encouragement, through example.

Thank you to each of you…

And congratulations!!!!!!!


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