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New color!

Well, even with all the struggles and challenges of this past 2 months I managed to push through and graduate to a new belt color!  Yellow has never been my favorite color – I tend to look like a dandelion when I wear yellow or green – but I am really, really proud to wear this color.   In the middle of this cycle I had a physical and found out that my blood sugars were way out of control.  That added a bunch of new medicines to my cabinet.  These medicines wreaked havoc – I had to get used to a new blood sugar level with some low dips.  I was put on one to protect my kidneys which ended up dropping my blood pressure to a dangerously low level.  It took almost 2 weeks for me to no longer be dizzy.  The instructors at the Do Jang were wonderful – they helped me adjust the workouts until I could bend over and stand back up without falling down.   I was worried that I would not have the muscle memory or the endurance to survive the graduation.  Well, based on the background color of the blog, I made it!

As I was getting ready to leave the school,  Mrs. M came up to me and said something that almost brought me to my knees with laughter.  Evidently I have regressed to pre-college habits.   Whenever I would concentrate my tongue would pop out on the right side of my mouth.  When I would perform any dance routine on stage my parents could always find me, even in costume and make-up, because they would find the kid with the tongue out of the corner of her mouth.  I thought I had outgrown that particular habit.

Evidently not…during my entire demonstration my tongue was out, and as soon as I had completed, it popped right back in.

While most people might not think this is not funny or important – to me it is.   It means that I have not lost myself in all the changes my body has gone through over the last 15 years.  It means that my body is remembering what it is to be active and trying to remember moves.   But mostly it is just a reminder that I am still funny, quirky and just plain ol’ me.

Oh – and by the way..

You know that doctor’s visit, the one where all those labs were off wack?  They also weighed me in……THAT number was good.  It was down 20 pounds!



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