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Better condition does not equate to less sweat

Well – I thought I was getting better.  I thought I could finally not feel like I need a mop to follow me around the floor as I go through class.  Well, it appears that the  better I get the harder I work, and well, I am back to sweating.  I know this is not a topic that is discussed in polite society – but this blog is about getting is shape, and that requires looking at changes in my body.   So if this topic makes you uncomfortable, please feel free to skip this post.

When I started TKD I seriously would feel sweat running down my face before the warm-ups were over.  Now I don’t get that way until we get further into the class.  As my body becomes more acclimated to the activity I am going deeper into my stances and punching with more power.  The result is that the heat producing the sweat is coming from deeper within me.  I am not sure this makes any sense, but when I perspire during class now, it feels more cleansing.  Just as I am working out the emotional toxins with this process, I am also cleaning my body as well.

When I get done with class I crave water – not soda – but col, clear water.    I can’t say that my snacking craves are more healthy than usual, but my fluid intake is.  I am not going to address the dietary portion of my life until after the holidays.  I am choosing not to put even more stress on myself during this time.  But it is a choice, not just a knee-jerk reaction.  That is a big step for me!




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