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Too big for my britches – NOT!!!!!!

Tonight was the annual Tables of Christmas at our church.  Sponsored by the Ministry of Mother’s Sharing, it is a wonderful way to start out the Christmas season on a joyful spiritual note.   There was a time when I loved to get all dolled up and go out with my hubby (as long as I did not have to wear pantyhose!).  That has changed since I no longer looked good in any of my clothes and my feet hurt 10 minutes after putting on my heels.  Well, tonight, even though I was not going out with my hubby, I decided to get all dressed up in honor of the Holy-day season.  So went in and pulled out my favorite pair of black dress slacks.  These are my go to slacks.  I pulled them on and buttoned them.  Hmmmmm – they were in no way tight.  In fact, if someone were to come up behind me and grab them they would come off!!!!  They were also now very long.  I guess my intended footwear was going to have to be re-evaluated.  So I grabbed my favorite heels – 3″ monsters that I absolutely love to look at but hate to wear since my feet are usually screaming 12 minutes after I put them on.  Well, I slid into those pumps of pain and my pants were still too long.  In fact, I spent the evening tripping over my pants.  Also, lo and behold, I made it all through the evening and never once had to take my shoes off because they hurt.  I won’t say it was like walking on a cloud, but I did not feel like I had to limp to the car after the event.  Not only that, I could finally stand up from a chair and not scream in pain!  That was a big improvement over yesterday’s agony from the Rocky drills we did in class on Monday.  (Mrs. M – if you are reading this, please have some mercy on my thighs tomorrow!)

As I walked around and talked with people this evening many of them remarked on how much weight I had lost.  I got lots of compliments on how I looked.  I could feel my grin getting bigger and bigger as the evening wore on.   For the first time in a long time I was once again comfortable in my own skin.  I LOVED that feeling.  The speaker talked about grace – about God showing us His grace through an inspiration to do something or through the words and actions of other people.  Tonight I could see the result of the grace that I have been blessed to receive over the last 14 weeks or so – self-confidence, an openness to friendships, an openness to love from others, and britches that are too big!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Too big for my britches – NOT!!!!!!

  1. PILSUNG! – The sense of personal accomplishment is one of best drives that we have. Use this post over and over, especially when discouraged, to keep your eyes on the goal and remember what it feels like to hit those milestones. You are doing awesome Nancy and we are all proud of you!

    • Thank you, Mrs. Myers! Through this I am also learning how to accept praise and the pride of others in my accomplishments. Even more importantly, I am learning to be proud of myself. The physical results that I am getting out of this are amazing, but the emotional ones are the ones that are changing my life.

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