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Starting a new phase

Tonight was the first class towards learning the material we need for our next belt.  Warm ups change each month.  I really liked these warm-ups.  They were ones that I did not have to struggle too much to do.  I don’t know rather that is the result of my muscles getting stronger or just that these warm-ups play to strengths already in existence.  Anyway, they were done with something akin to pleasure.  Then they decided to kill me.  They did what they called “Rocky’s”.  It is similar to an exercise out of the Rocky movies – squat to avoid a punch, then stand back up and punch twice.  Notice one very important word – SQUAT. No bending. No weaving. No ducking. SQUAT.  Mr C, who had the bad luck of being my partner decided to treat me like I was one of his military recruits and showed little to no mercy. (I know that is not really true, but it sure felt like it!).  Then we moved to perfecting a double block – while standing in the back stance.  Remember, that stance where all weight is placed on the bent back leg and hip. By the end of class my thighs were trembling. 

Baby Bear danced her way over to the dollar store next to the dojang while I did my best to hobble behind her so we could pick up a treat.  Since they had no mega bottles of gatorade, we headed back over to the dojang to get a smaller bottle.  I made the mistake of sitting down.  Getting up was uncomfortable.  I headed home.  By the time I got out of the car I could hardly push myself into an upright position.  Hmmmm – this is not boding well for comfort tomorrow!


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