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It has taken a lot of courage to take on TKD.  I have been overwhelmed with my weight and my overall health the last few months.  I have tried to exercise on my own, but I am too soft on myself and don’t give myself enough credit.  The instructors at the school have allowed me to progress at my own pace and adjust exercises according to my needs, but they have never let me get away with not trying.  They have encouraged me, they have given me winks, and grins, and smiles and hi-5s.  They have treated me as an adult who recognizes her own needs, but they have still appealed to the little girl inside of me who needs that extra bit of attention.

When a student is awarded a new belt in TKD, they can take that belt over to whoever has inspired them, or otherwise helped them in their journey and have that person put the belt on the student.  I asked my parents if they would belt me.  My parents have always been there – through all the health struggles, through infertility, through depression – they have always been there.  But even more than that, they have shown me what true courage and faith is.  My father has been battling cancer for 7 years.  He is currently receiving chemo for his second recurrence.  My parents have stood together during this entire time – never wavering in their love for each other, their faith that God will get them through, or the courage to face one more scan, one more treatment, one more unknown.  It has been by watching their courage that I found the courage to take a chance on myself and see what I could do.  Thanks, Mom and Dad.  I love you!


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