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ORANGE is now my favorite color

Well, at least in belts, that is.  I have officially graduated from a white belt to an orange belt!  I went out there and stood tall and did my form.  Yes, I did mess up my arms once and my kick once, but it did not break my rhythm and I ended strong!  Baby Bear went through her entire form without an error.  I am so proud of both of us – for trying something new, for sticking with exercise, for taking a risk performing in front of people.

After I got down doing my form and sat back down, I kept getting prouder and prouder of myself.  It was not a look at me type of proud, but just one where I could stand taller, where I walked with a little more bounce in my step, where I could not stop grinning.

Here are some things that I have noticed since I started TKD.

  • I have less joint pain
  • I have more endurance
  • My clothes are fitting differently
  • My body craves healthier foods and water instead of sugar and soda
  • I find myself doing exercises while waiting for things like food to warm up in the microwave
  • I don’t want to watch TV as much – I want to do something productive.
  • I am sleeping better
  • I am fighting off colds easier
  • I am not hot all the time
  • My concentration is better
  • The dread that I usually experience as we head into this time of year, knowing several months of gray dark days are coming, is not there.

Those are just a few of the things I can think of off the top of my head.  I am going to have Bear do some measurements on me in the next few days and then I am going to track them and seen how much I shrink with each belt.


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