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Mortification to jubilation

Bear and Little Bear had a private class today, so Baby Bear and I tagged along so we could use the other half of the dojang to practice our form.  Up until this point I have been attending class in sweats and a T-shirt.  Unfortunately, I can’t graduate in that attire. I must have a do bok.  That means that I have to try one on there, because the only place to get them is there at the dojang since the do boks have the school name on the back of them.  Part of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is weight gain around the middle section.  I have also had multiple surgeries which have cut my abdominal muscles multiple times.  Subsequently nothing ever fits correctly.  I had tried on Bear’s do bok and knew that it was too small.  Last night I tried on the next size up and it was still too small.  It just won’t tie across my belly.  I was ready to cry.  In fact, if I had not already started to see results from the last few weeks, I would quit just because I am so embarrassed about trying to fit into one of those stupid uniforms.  Today Mr M asked exactly why it did not fit.  I think I turned 14 shades of red, just because I had to admit not only to him, but to myself, how big I am around the middle.  He never blinked an eye.  He asked how it was on length.  I said it was fine.  He suggested that I take the do bak to an alterations store and ask them to insert triangles of white fabric into the side seams of the top to make it fit.  He went on to express frustration that there does not seem to be an understanding among the makers of the do boks that not everyone is built straight up and down and that there are people out there that have bumps and lumps where they should not be, especially when first starting TKD.  I went from wanting to cry in shame to wanting to cry in gratitude that there was an option, and that he got it, that I was not the first person to have faced this issue.

So, now I just need to find someone who sews…..


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