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Proverbial Kick in the Pants

Today Mrs. M talked about what perseverance means.  She talked about pulling on the strength that is within ourselves, finding that good within ourselves, and showing that to the world.  It is about not listening when others try to tear down something you are doing.  It is about doing it anyway – proving those others wrong.  I really needed to hear that today.  Physically I am really starting to move ahead and make progress.  Mentally I am really struggling – not just with TKD (though it is going really well, and right now seems to be one of my “safe” spots), but with life in general.  There are situations where I need to show a strong front, but that is all it is, a front.  Now I need to let go of the “voices” in my head and persevere in recording new, positive thoughts for myself which include not only a true emotional strength, but also the ability to admit emotional weakness and a positive self image.  It is not as easy as it sounds.


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