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Working on it…

Well, now I feel guilty.  I should have sucked it up and gone to class last night.  But having a family night and getting some sleep was really nice.

Today on my break time I worked on the first couple of moves that we learned of our form.  It have those down pretty good.  That round kick is tricky.  I do it much better on a hard, flat surface than I do on the mats at the dojong.

Emotionally I am so tired from all the other things going on in my life that it makes doing the physical so much harder.  I don’t know if everyone goes through that or not, but when I am stressed or overwhelmed I just want to make myself a nest of my favorite things and not move. If I hide from all the bad things, then nothing else bad can find me.  I know that does not make any sense, but it is a coping mechanism.  It is a very real struggle to get up and get moving.  I am finding, though, that the exercise is really helping with the sensation of being overwhelmed.


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