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Last class…

Today was the last class Baby Bear and I will attend before the rest of the class goes through graduation later this week.  We were able to keep up with all the others and do our form pretty well.  Baby Bear is disappointed that we are not going to be graduating.  I am nowhere near ready to stand in front of people and perform.  I will say that I am feeling better and better.  Since I have learned how to stretch out the cramps in my feet my days when we don’t have classes are much better.  I am learning how to balance on the pads in the dojang without creating cramps in my feet.  I am also able to maintain my balance better so that my focus is on my kick and not on trying to stay up-right!

I have noticed that walking is much comfortable – I am not having leg cramps like I was before I started taking classes.  My hips are moving better – there is not as much stiffness.  I feel there is more fluidity to my movements that has been lacking for quite a while.  I am also standing straighter and moving with more purpose than I was before.


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