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Blessed stretch

Oh – walking is painful.

My feet are screaming!  I hate mornings because of plantar fasciitis.  But that is been getting better.  Now other parts of my feet scream every time I get up to move.  This is NOT fun!  I have resorted to very hot foot baths to loosen them up.  Sitting at my desk today, though, I have discovered that putting my foot diagonally under my chair so the outer toes are flexed relieves a lot of the pain.  As long as I do that for a few minutes right before I get up to move around the pain is much better when I walk.  Tonight I grabbed each toe individually and pulled it back for a count of 45-60.  It was awesome to feel the muscle finally truly relax in my foot.

The rest of me feels really good.  I have not gotten sore from class.  My muscles feel taut and worked, but not sore or achy.  But my feet – man, those muscles are not happy!


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