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Another week

Time to start another week of class.

I am still trying to get all the moves down in this form.  I have to keep reminding myself that this class has been working on this form for a full month longer than I have been in class.   Working on the form appeals to the old dancer in me.  It is full of grace and follows set choreography.   But while my mind remembers how to dance, my muscles certainly don’t!  I know I did hours of barre work and floor work when I danced – but for some reason my mind blanked all those hours out and only remembered the final merge of music and movement.  Now all those painful hours are coming back to me – the endless repetition to establish muscle memory, the shaking muscles.  And one thing I don’t remember – cramps in my feet!!!!  Man those are painful.  It is the outer part of my foot.  When they start cramping then I tighten up other muscles to relieve the pressure and the pain moves all the way up my legs.  In talking with Mr and Mrs M they both said it is not uncommon because the foot is re-learning how to grip the floor and maintain balance.  Great – I hope my feet are quick learners!


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