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I am going to die…..

There are 2 classes that I can take on Fridays.  One is the open floor where everyone is welcome to come and work on whatever the form is being taught to their level.  Often there are 3 different classes going at the same time.  Then right after the open floor there is the beginner class.  Bear and Little Bear needed some practice on their form, so we all went to open floor.  By the end of class my legs were shaking, I was wringing wet, and I could not breathe.  They seriously need some air movement in that building (ok, it would help if I was in better shape, but I am going to blame it on the lack of air circulation).  Baby Bear went ahead and did the beginner’s class right after the open floor.  Me, I sat in the chairs and attempted to get my heart rate down and catch my breath.  I need to rethink eating times and water consumption on Fridays!


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