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Please don’t look at me

Today was my first day of  Tae Kwon Do (from here on out to be known as TKD).   The class is at 5 and Baby Bear does not even get released from school until 3:50.  Trying to get the Do Bok on, food eaten and the 20-25 minute commute to the dojang underway does not create a relaxing atmosphere.  Top it off with Bear telling me that class is at 5:30 instead of 5:00, we were rushed to get there.

About 2/3 of the way to class some guy lays his huge motorcycle down right in front of us. I was starting to feel like maybe we were being told we weren’t supposed to be doing this!  The guy popped right up and was not injured.  Since I was in flip-flops and sweats with a child in the car, I did not feel I would be much help in trying to right the beast of a machine.  Thankfully several strong-looking men seemed to pop out of the pavement, so to speak, and helped him get it up and off the road and.  So our commute proceeded without further incident.

We got to class right as they were starting.  No time to mentally prepare myself for my impending loss of dignity.  Mr. M greeted me by name and welcomed me with a smile. Baby Bear and I got in line, presented our cards, turned around so we could read the Spirit of Songham, turned back around and started warm ups.  Warm up? Heck, I was sweating 2 seconds into them! (Note to self – don’t bother with any type of make-up when attending class, it will be gone in seconds.)  In between trying to get my body to contort into positions it has not attempted in years, wiping sweat out of my eyes, and trying not to trample little people, I had no time to think about all those other adults sitting there watching me from behind the soccer wall.   Blessedly I did survive the warm ups.  They warm up the whole body, not just lower body.  This concerned me a little since my right shoulder is still fairly weak from my rotator cuff repair surgery.  But they told before I even started this that I could modify the warm ups to meet my needs.  So I did.  And I still got warm.

We moved into the meat of the class – learning a form.  These are a group of moves placed together to help the student understand different techniques, stances, blocks, kicks and punches.  It does not matter when you join a class – you will be absorbed into the mix.  But unless you happen to start right at the beginning of a new form, it is going to be a bit confusing.  I realized that it was no big deal.  I was the only one over 4′ 5″ in the class, and one of the very few who have an attention span of more than 5 minutes.  So there was plenty of repetition.  To be honest, the only thing that I cared about was not falling down from lack of coordination, or passing out from lack of oxygen.  After what seemed like 4 minutes Mr. M and Ms C were calling us back to bow us out of class.

I survived!

I did not fall down!

I did not pass out!

I did not make a total fool of myself!

I did sweat – a lot.

I did engage muscles that I haven’t used in a long time.

I did, honestly, have a great time!

Now the big question – will I be able to walk tomorrow?????


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